Shelly at Tower of London

It’s nice to be reminded of what we are fighting for. Took this during our engagement.

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ZuZu’s Graphic Arts Homework

ZuZu left her unfinished graphic arts homework on the table. I love it!

Beginning of ZuZu's Graphic Arts Home Work


And here’s the artist.


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Wrought Iron Iris

Leila took some afternoons off from her fashion drawing class to take blacksmithing. She made this amazing wrought iron iris.

Leila's blacksmithing iris project

The real thing.

Version 2

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It’s fig season in Georgia

These succulent little figs don’t travel well. We can only get them from the Farmers’ Market. Well worth the trouble.

We got the little wooden lion when we traveled to Ethiopia to adopt Leila and ZuZu.

Fig on Wooden Table

Sliced Fig on Wooden Table

Thre Figs with Ethiopean Lion on Fabric

Three  Sliced Figs with Ethiopian Lion on Fabric

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Inspiring Super Heroes of the Black Lives Matter Movement and Tienanmen Square

Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 4.15.22 PM

This photograph is from the front page of this morning’s New York Times. It reminds me of the famous photo of “Tank Man” stopping an entire column of tanks at Tienanmen Square. Here’s a copy courtesy of the Weco Glue Company.


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An Afternoon Stroll in Piedmont Park Under the Sun and the Moon

Afternoon Flowers and Moon

The couple reminds me of the flower days of the 1960’s. Once my girlfriend and I paddled a canoe around a curve of the Red Cedar River and were greeted by a couple exuberantly making love in a patch of great orange day lillies.

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